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     Saint Augustine School (SAS) of Tanza was named after the town’s patron saint, Saint Augustine, also fondly called,” Tata Usteng”. It was founded on February 14, 1969, by Monsignor Francisco V. Domingo, the town’s parish priest at that time.

     Envisioned as a school that will provide quality Catholic Christian educational formation to the young. It formally opened on June 1969 and offered kinder and grade one classes. Its first principal was Sr. Angeles Gabutina, AR, who served for two months before Sr. Clemencia Ranin took over.

      The SAS educational system was placed under Dela Salle's supervision, and the impressive result of its first year of operation convinced skeptics of the sincerity of its objectives and vision. From 45 pupils and two teachers, the succeeding school years saw rapid growth of the school both in student enrolment and hired more teachers.

     Immediately, after only one year, the primary building was built beside the left wing of the church. Then in 1971, construction of another building for the high school rooms started. It was completed in 1972. The basketball court followed.

     When Sr. Ranin left, Sr. Maltilde became the next principal in 1971. She stayed for two consecutive years, while Sr. Ma. Leonora served as an elementary principal for SY 1972-1973. Then, in 1973-1976, Miss Patrocinio San Juan took over. The year 1975 also saw the retirement of Monsignor Francisco V. Domingo, both as town parish and school director.

     The school year 1975-76 ushered in a new administration for SAS. Fr. Luciano Paguilinan became the new director. Miss Patrocinio San Juan left, and in 1977, Fr. Corsie Legaspi took over the principal post. He stayed up to SY 1978-79. Then from 1979-80, Sr. Teresita Octavio acted as principal, followed by Miss Julieta Hernandez from 1980 – 1989.

     Fr. Paguiligan was transferred to other assignments in 1989. Replacing him as the new SAS director was Rev. Teodoro Bawalan. During that year, Miss Julieta Hernandez also left. Miss Mercedita Pacumio was appointed as the new principal.

     Both Fr. Bawalan and Miss Pacumio become the longest-serving administrators of SAS. Under their leadership, the construction of all the school buildings and the covered court took place.

     In 2010, Rev. Fr. Bernardo I. Gacelo became the new director of SAS. He stayed on up to SY 2014-2015. During his term, the administration building underwent a complete renovation. He also introduced some reforms in the school system and policies to make them more efficient, updated, and professional.

     In 2016, Rev. Fr. Alain P. Manalo steered SAS through the challenges of the years ahead. Under his watch, the school acquired a new land property and put up an annex for its Senior High School, with Mrs. Rowena G. Ocasion as the assistant principal. He also continued some of the reforms started and instituted changes in areas that needed improvement, who is also the Superintendent of Diocesan Schools of Cavite.

     Fr. Manalo oversees the growth of the SAS teaching faculty not just in terms of number but also in their spiritual, personal, and professional development. Seminars, training, and even scholarships for the pursuit of masters and graduate studies are being offered to both faculty and personnel who are interested.

     It has been a long time since the school's birth. It has been an arduous climb, but the rewards reaped, in terms of the achievements of its numerous graduates are worth the effort. The growth and improvements made by succeeding administrations are impressive enough, but school life must be dynamic.

     In 2019, Miss Mercedita Pacumio retired as the school principal, who served the school from 1989 to 2019. The school established two different administrations for SAS Main campus and SAS SHS campus. In SAS Main campus, Miss Pacumio was replaced by Mrs. Raquel E. Salvador, as the principal, and Miss Maria Ana Rosa E. Dy as her assistant principal, while Fr. Manalo promoted Mrs. Ocasion as the first principal of SAS SHS campus.

     In 2021, Rev. Fr. Dominador C. Duroy Jr., the DICES Assistant Superintendent at that time, becomes the newly appointed school director, bringing with him a new form of management and administrative style. He immediately established developments and renovations after the global pandemic brought about by COVID-19 affected the number of enrollees and classrooms.

     Three years after her post, Mrs. Salvador left the school, leaving Mrs. Ocasion and Miss Dy as the newly appointed principal and assistant principal respectively.

     There is still a long road waiting ahead and many challenges to face to make the school grow and be better.